We currently have 3 digital membership levels: 

  • 'Lite' is free, and allows full access to the Lung channel plus other sample material.
  • 'Standard' allows the same level of access to the new app as you had in the old one. Owners of the old app have the additional benefit of access to the same material on the Online Edition (website). You should have 'Standard' access as an owner of the old app - if you don't, please email us and we'll help you fix this: support@amanualofacupuncture.com
  • 'Pro' allows full access to all material on the app and the Online Edition. For 'Standard' members, moving to 'Pro' would unlock channel pathway videos, surface anatomy videos, extra self-testing modules in the Online Edition, extended text commentary on the points, and other reference material. 

'Standard' members are entitled to a discount on full 'Pro' access. The reduced price is £14.99 +VAT (or equivalent in your currency) for app owners prior to 2018, and £18.99 +VAT (or equivalent) for new 'Standard' members. Previously, buying the app and Online Edition separately cost roughly £90/$135.

How to upgrade:

iOS (iPhone/iPad) users: There are two ways you can upgrade: 

    Option 1) Log in to the Online Edition (click here), and click 'upgrade to Pro'. As long as you are logged in with your 'Standard' account, you should see that a discount has been applied to the price (if not, please email us for help). 


    Option 2) In the phone app, go to 'My MoA' > 'My Account', and tap on 'About Pro membership'. You can then tap 'Upgrade to Pro membership now!' to start an in-app purchase. 

Android users: Please upgrade via 'Option 1' above. 

If you have any trouble, please email us via support@amanualofacupuncture.com