We apologize for the inconvenience, but some customers are experiencing issues when trying to upgrade through the mobile app. They might see a "No license available" message or face difficulties with the process. This is a technical error that we're actively working on.

If you encounter this problem, please follow the appropriate steps below:

  • Check your bank account to see if any money was deducted for the transaction. 
  • If the correct charge has been taken, click here and complete the form to restore your purchase, including proof of the payment.* We'll update your account as quickly as we can.  
  • If you were charged multiple times due to multiple attempts, you will need to email proof of all purchases* to support@amanualofacupuncture.com. Unfortunately, we can't access individual payments made through Apple/Google otherwise we wouldn't ask you to provide proof. Please also let us know a valid PayPal account email address to make the refund to. If you don't have a PayPal account, please either create one (an easy and free process), or ask a friend or family member with a PayPal account to receive the payment for you.
  • If your account wasn't charged and you want to upgrade to the full "Pro" level, you can do it through our website, which won't cause the same error. Visit https://app.amanualofacupuncture.com/auth/login, log in with your app account details, select "Upgrade to Pro," and follow the instructions.
  • If your account wasn't charged and you only wish to upgrade to the "Standard" level, send a PayPal payment for the Standard upgrade amount to peter@peterdeadman.co.uk (to find the correct amount, go to the app's home page and tap on "What is Pro membership?" for current prices). Then, email support@amanualofacupuncture.com to inform us about your payment, letting us know which email address you used to create your app account. We'll manually upgrade your account as soon as possible.

* Proof of payment should be in the form of emailed receipts from Apple/Google, or screenshots from a bank account. Please block out any sensitive information before sending your proof of purchase.