As a 'Standard' level user of the MoA mobile app and website, we wanted to make sure you know that you can currently lock in full 'Pro' access* for a one-time payment (currently $24 USD or local equivalent, taxes may apply). 

However, we are currently redeveloping the app/website from scratch, and we will be moving to a monthly/annual subscription model when this is released later in 2023. If you wait until after the release, you will no longer be able to take advantage of the one-time payment option and will need to pay a monthly or annual subscription to upgrade to Pro (you will not need to pay any extra if you decide to stay on the 'Standard' level).

Until the end of July 2023 you can use the offer code 'SUMMER20' to save 20% on the upgrade fee, and you will not have to pay a subscription in the future to access the current Pro features. Please note, this code can only be used via our website and not when upgrading via the mobile app. Please log in here and click 'Upgrade to Pro', adding the code in the blue box at the top of the checkout page.

Keep an eye on this page for updates on the new version. 

Click here if you're not sure what 'Pro' level access is.