At the time of writing, we offer 3 digital access levels to the MoA products:

Lite: This is free, and just requires signing up for an account. You can access all information in the mobile app and website for the Lung channel, but very limited access beyond that. 

Standard: This is our intermediate access level, which unlocks all the basic point information and point location videos in the mobile app, but not on the website. 

Pro: This is our premium access level, which allows full access to everything in the mobile app and on the website, including:

  • the full 'Discussion' sections for each point
  • various extra self-testing modules via the website
  • surface anatomy videos
  • animated primary channel pathway videos
  • extra reference material
  • the full text of the book in PDF format via the website (useful if you need access to numbered pages)

Upgrade now by logging in here and clicking 'Upgrade to Pro'.